Fair Attractions

Lustig Talent -- Top Quality Acts Sure To Please !


Entertainer Rich Pearl hosts the one and only BANJOMOBILE... a laugh riot sure to be a hit with young and old alike. With live music, balloon hats, and hilarious party games, it's like one-stop shopping for the fair and festival scene!

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PAUL FIDLER - Master Illusionist


Paul Fidler can amaze his audiences with an out-of-this-world production, complete with pyrotechnics and exotic animals or he can charm and amuse them with the comedy act of Paul and Polly, the most clever and hilarious act of 2000.



American Motor Sports

The best in high-flying motorsport entertainment on wheels! New and exciting ground pounding, earth shaking, raw power of intense motorsports action, featuring… monster truck racing, car crushing, complete shows, and mega monster ride trucks. Home of the only fire-breathing, car-eating, Jurassic age, transforming dinosaurs and the world’s only car crushing monster Harley Davidson motorcycle!



Bounce & Ooh La La

Great Family Entertainment! Their unique blend of comedy, vaudeville, audience participation, and death-defying juggling feats, amaze, delight, and captivate their audiences. With humor, warmth, amazing versatility, and bursting with enthusiasm, Bounce and OOO La La’s energetic production, will bring out the fun-loving child in everyone.




If it's a thin line between right and wrong.... and it's a thin line between crazy and sane.... then it's a thin line that will separate Sherrill Douglas and the Cline.

For 25 years, Sherrill Douglas has performed country, Rock and Top 40 hits. She can perform with her band or with tapes. Either way, her performance is top of the line. She will often open the show as herself and then will feature her "Patsy Cline Tribute", where she will change into her costume and come out as Patsy. She is asked two questions the most: "Are you lip-syncing Patsy?" and "How did you ever learn to sing like her?" With a great deal of self-assurance, and in typical "Patsy" style, she fires back: "If you think I'm 'syncing' instead of singing, then I'm going a really good job!" and "I learned to sing like that to please Dad..." She's sure to please you!