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The Newest Entertainment to hit the Fair & Festival scene, has everything in one package - like one-stop shopping!

The Banjomobile

It features for the first time, a roving Musical Game Show with hilarious Comedy, Party Games, Trivia, Funky Prizes and Balloon Hats, all from the one and only BANJOMOBILE, decorated in full patriotic splendor. As the crawls through the grounds, people can hear Rich Pearl's phenomenal Banjo playing Country, Dixieland, Classical and Latin music. Now he stops and says the magic words, "Anyone want a balloon? You can have any kind you like as long as it's a hat or straight."

Pearl immediately disappears behind a sea of children and blows up balloons with "The Gas Jet", a unique machine that makes the balloons seem to follow the them. They soon sport hats with pom poms (for girls) or antennas receiving TV programs from Mars (for boys). Now the Moms and Dads are hooked for step three, the musical comedy game show. Two contestants position themselves along each side of the podium and press buttons (with different horn sounds) as they name the TV show from it's theme song or guess the product from an ad jingle.

Emceeing this hilarity is Rich Pearl, an entertainer who regularly performs with the likes of Regis Philbin and Rich Little and whose comedic sense has everyone in stitches.

Richard pearl's BANJOMOBILE

Richard Pearl

Now, for locations with limited space, the Musical Comedy Game Show goes walkaround. This new smaller push-cart version carries the complete entertainment package with sound and all the excitement of the larger unit found on the Banjomobile. It's new design allows a show at the Spur of the Moment at virtually any location or can be combined with two additional podiums to create a full game show on stage.



Local sponsorship can provide additional prizes to create further excitement as contestants play for the gold in an all new " Game Show Night " at the fair. The touches everyone's lives at the Fair and really gives them a good time. The kids are wearing balloon hats, the teens are showing off their prizes and everyone else is amazed that one vehicle and one performer have provided so much fun to so many. The music is performed by a virtuoso, the musical comedy game show has sharpened everyone's wit, the games were hilarious, the prizes were amusing and the Pearl comedic touch had everyone holding their sides.